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BuCoSoMa - Business Competence in Social Management 

The project Business Competences in Social Management (BUCOSOMA) has been developed in six different countries of the EU (Austria, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia) as an answer of the increasing need of formation/training in economic competitiveness in the social companies across Europe. As a consequence of the economic, social and demographic developments in Europe, a wide range of institutions, NGO´s and social companies were founded. The recent events and crisis situation has pointed out the necessity of a “professionalization” of the structures, especially in the economic aspects. The growing importance of social economies implies increased economic thinking in these businesses and organizations. Social field managers need to run their business according to the general economic principles. However, the employees and managers in social services or related areas rarely have enough economic "know how" to successfully meet the challenges of the market. Overcoming this gap is the mission of this project.

Objectives of the project

The project objective is to develop a curriculum to translate the basic economical knowledge of the necessary business competitiveness to social organizations. The curriculum shall enable e-learning (for increased spatial and temporal flexibility), consideration of the specificities of the social economy and, finally, the application of these concepts throughout Europe. The BuCoSoMa team has created an extended curriculum for the different profiles in social companies; this curriculum has been tested and covers the main business competences training needs of these profiles in different kind of institutions.

The consortium pursuits the creation of the training course for this specific target group, the adaptation to the new rules of the market is crucial for the social companies, institutions, NGO´s, etc, to ensure their survival and for the society in general, which must take care of the less development sectors.

Project partners

Project duration: 1st July 2012 – 30th June 2014
Financed by the European Union: Lifelong Learning Program Leonardo da Vinci Partnership
Nr.: 2012-1-DE2-LEO04-11646 1

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