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SET project

SET – Self-Entrepreneurship Training for Trainers was a 24-month long project focused on entrepreneurship education for trainers. The project was funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture under the Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme. The project proposed to contribute to entrepreneurship education by identifying trainer’s requirements, identifying best practices, providing the necessary skills for entrepreneurship, proposed an innovative methodology for a Grundtvig training course and increased awareness of entrepreneurship as a career opportunity. 

Through this, the project aimed to improve the availability and quality of European Training Courses and fostered adult education at a European level. SET project was implemented by a partnership of 10 countries, coordinated by Castlereagh Enterprises. Project partners were institutions from UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal and France. These institutions had different fields of expertise, ensuring complementary competences and experiences, which was a key aspect for the success of the project.


SET Needs Analysis